Apart from your kitchen, your bathroom is one of those areas that attract visitors and draws attention to them in terms of your home value. A bathroom renovation can lead to getting a substantial financial ROI. Since remodeling a bathroom could require a huge investment of your time and money, it’s crucial to know and learn the most recent trends and determine which works best for you and your household members. Read below to know a few of the major bathroom renovation trends and start looking for a reputable company that offers quality home remodeling services in Greensboro today. 

Showers and Bathtubs 

There are many tub styles available today. A drop-in tub only has its tub shell that fits within a framed enclosure that matches your bathroom cabinets or tile. Freestanding tubs can stand along and are finished on all their sides. Though, freestanding tubs work similarly to what built-in tubs do. The most typical tub type includes a 3-wall shower/tub combination and it commonly has a wall-mounted shower.  

Rain showerheads, which are very luxurious shower fixtures, are commonly set up on the ceiling and provides the sense of showering in a rain shower or under a waterfall. Also, installing seamless glass shower partitions is among the most famous shower renovation idea that’s been used nowadays. This style can produce 100% of the natural sunlight into a shower, which floods a shower area. Consequently, the bathroom will appear larger than it usually is.  

Bathroom Sinks 

Since bathroom sinks come with an extensive range of styles and materials, it’s essential to choose the one that won’t only improve how your bathroom looks but one that can give you enough storage as well. A few of the most popular sinks are: 

  • Vessel sinks – These sinks are commonly bowl-shaped and more known as countertop sinks, which are placed on top of a counter and do not require any under-mount installation. Since more vessel sinks are higher compared to the average sinks, they are deemed as one of the good sink options.  
  • Wall-mounted sinks – Such sinks are perfect if you want to achieve more floor area. Since a wall is supporting the sink, it does not need legs, a vanity base, or even a countertop.   

Bathroom tiling 

When opting for the tile for your bathroom floor, make sure that it can endure wet conditions and withstand frequent cleaning, while still looking appealing. The cement look is among the latest trends in terms of bathroom floor tiling. You can also go for ceramic tiles with a wooden look as it’s popular nowadays as well.  

Aside from showing a dramatic design statement, you can also make your bathroom be more water-resistant if you tile your bathroom walls. Some of the most used wall tiles for the bathroom include granite and marble.  

Are you thinking about renovating your bathroom today? If so, contact a reputable and professional general contracting company that can help you with any services related to renovation projects and residential remodeling, such as bathrooms and kitchens.